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Dental Start-Ups Made Simple with Jonathan Miller

Opening a dental practice from scratch is never easy…. Why not get a great coach to help you avoid any pitfalls (there are many!) and help you through the process!  Jonathan Miller is assisting doctors all across the country navigate the process and open the practice of their dreams!
Learn about the top 2 mistakes most doctors make and the steps of opening up your own scratch dental practice.
Learn more about Dental Start-Ups Made Simple here.
Jonathan Miller has dedicated the past 9 years working with dentists exclusively in helping them realize their visions of practice ownership. During that time, he has helped open over 200 new dental offices from scratch working closely with nearly a thousand doctors. He has established a growing referral network with 300 contacts on both east and west coast. Jonathan is an experienced public speaker and had been invited to speak year after year to some of the top dental schools in the country like UCLA, University of Pennsylvania and Temple.

Armed with a knowledge of business development, Jonathan can help doctors achieve their goals from a key business strategy perspective. His ability lies in analyzing the doctors’ position based on the financial health of the practice and put them in the best possible situation for lending options or selling for top value.

As a Fortune Management coach, Jonathan can show doctors the path towards practice ownership, building ownership and navigating the lending landscape. With the help of alliance partners, he can help the doctors grow their practice and build their brand.

Jonathan loves spending as much of his personal time with his family and friends, and his volunteer works. He is also passionate about fitness, and likes to read magazines and listen to audio books.
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