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Dr. Delwin Hemingway has been involved in dentistry for over 40 years. From being a dental lab technician with his own lab to becoming a successful dentist with a thriving practice he has worn many hats through the transitions. He has been an associate dentist, a partner dentist in a group practice and the owner dentist and CEO of a large practice employing several associate dentists. His focus has always been to use technology to provide better, more efficient, more esthetic and more reliable care for his patients.  Delwin implemented the first intra oral camera (DentaCam) in 1988, diode lasers in 2000,  CAD/CAM dentistry with CEREC 3D in 2003 and  i-CAT CT scans in 2008. He continues to update these and implement  new technologies to the present day. Delwin thrives on his creed, “Constant and Never-Ending Improvement” (CANI) daily.  Along the way, Delwin has won the coveted Dental Economics and American Dental Association Award for “Best Designed Dental Practice of the Year in 2006” and “Best Integration of Technology into a Dental Practice in America in 2006.” He has learned the best way to be successful in life and dental practice is to find someone who is already successful and learn and implement what they are doing. He is willing to share all that he has learned to help others also be successful.
Delwin has taught dentists locally in California and nationally on varied subjects including:
Improving efficiency in CAD/CAM Dentistry
TMJ Physiologic diagnosis and treatment
Developmental Airways in children and Sleep Apnea
Building a practice of Friends 
Developing your Patients/Friends into “Raving Fans”
In 2013, Delwin decided to buy out his dental partner of 23 years. He went to Fortune Practice Management to involve them in the transition as he was taking on major debt to buy the other half of the successful partnership practice.  His request of his new Fortune Executive Coaches was: “I want to cut my team by 25% and cut my practice hours by 25% and keep the same revenue. Can you do that for me?” The coaches’ response was,”We can’t do it for you but we can show you how to do it and coach you to get there,” and they did. Delwin learned that if you trust the process taught by Fortune and implement it, you will reach the goals you want to achieve. Since that first year achieving the stated goal, Delwin has continued to grow the practice by double digits every year.
Because of what Fortune has taught Delwin, he desires to teach others the same successful formula.  Being a Fortune Executive Coach and a Dentist, with his coaching and clinical knowledge and experience he can not only help doctors create excited, supportive, winning teams but he can help them clinically improve their skills and efficiency.  
Dr. Delwin R. Hemingway is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science Degree and has  a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Northwestern University Dental School. He and his lovely wife Janice (the love of his life), are the parents of 8 children and grandparents of currently 21 grandchildren.  He has many child rearing experiences and was for many years an instructor for LDS Family Services courses in “Becoming a Better Parent.” Of Delwin and Janice’s 8 children, 7 graduated from college, 3 have doctorate degrees, DDS, MD and JD. The 8th child who preferred not to attend college is a successful general contractor in Southern California.
Delwin has been in the trenches of day to day dentistry where you are. Let him help you avoid the pitfalls, master the techniques and help you achieve an “extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life.”


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