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Executive Business Coach

John Sellers, Executive Business Coach and co-owner of several Fortune Management Franchises, found success early in his sales career when he learned that asking the right questions is the key to providing solutions people need and not just selling them the solution of the day. This simple approach of hearing what the client is telling you proved so successful that John soon found himself on an international stage leading global sales and marketing teams to new levels of success.

This unique ability to bring diverse teams together and motivate them to come together around a central vision put John in demand for turning around struggling businesses and making them stronger and more profitable without having to cut people to reach success.

John works under a simple philosophy which has proven very successful in his 20+ years of managing businesses; “Hope is not a strategy. So, be very realistic about where you are now, get very clear about where you want to be, build a road map to get you there, execute relentlessly and never be afraid to try something new.”
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