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Executive Coach

Kelly is a Fortune Management Coach in California, serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties.  Her professional background includes 10 years of clinical dental hygiene, and over 20 years of business management, with a strong foundation in team leadership.  Her experience in previous roles has led her across the globe, making her appreciate diversity and the value of good communication.
Kelly’s passion is developing healthy communication paths, and teaching employees and business owners that the “whole” is much stronger than the “sum of the parts.”  She has seen that there is enormous untapped potential in employee management, team development, leadership and practice growth in the world of dentistry.  After being introduced to Fortune Management, Kelly quickly realized that the skills taught by Fortune are skills proven to foster robust practice growth.  Just as in other industries, these skills have been proven to aid in the success and job satisfaction of highly effective dental teams.  Kelly believes that creating an atmosphere rich in strong visioning, communication, constant feedback, accountability and empowerment encourages employees to contribute as if they are business owners themselves.  Kelly knows that, as a coach, she is able to partner with doctors to lead their teams in making the doctor’s vision become the practice’s reality.
Kelly was raised in Michigan where she attended Michigan State University.  She moved to California to work for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies.  After a long career in the tech industry, Kelly decided to pursue a career in healthcare.  After earning her degree in dental hygiene, she practiced clinically for 10 years.
In addition to her professional life, Kelly enjoys travel.  When she’s home, you’ll find her in the garden, cooking, or entertaining her friends.  Her favorite pastime is spending time in her backyard with her loving husband of 20+ years, two incredible kids, and her three very entertaining puppies!  
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