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Page Haines brings energy, expertise and a penchant for helping a doctor turn his or her vision into reality. She knows how to pull a team together to achieve results.

She brings over 20 years of executive business management and even a stint as Vice Chairman of the National Advisory Council of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Her business acumen in strategic planning, marketing and communications provides foundation for the postgraduate training program a doctor needs to run a small business. Add Fortune’s time-tested healthcare business/financial systems and complex issues such as patient retention, new patient referrals, and staff motivation get solved. In this time of recession and patients spending less, Page leads in finding the best opportunities ever. She believes in practical solutions, as well as a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively.

From her years as a Houston Chronicle executive, Page understands the critical importance of strong business systems and a highly competent staff. That’s the base to calmly manage quality patient care in a dynamic, sometimes crisis-oriented environment. It is a major focus of her coaching.

Her passion for facilitating positive change in the lives of others provided the motivation to launch The Shepherd’s Center, a ministry for the indigent and one that provides a helping hand up for those caught in circumstances beyond their control. She also served on the boards of directors and as strategic planning chair of several non-profit organizations including Child Advocates for abused children, Avondale House for autistic children, and the CanCare ministry for cancer patients.

She was the first executive the Chronicle sponsored to earn an MBA at the University of Houston Executive MBA program. She also holds a BA in Journalism at Texas Tech University.
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