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Executive Coach

For over 10 years Sofia Morales has been living her passion of working with dentists from around the world. She has helped them make their dreams and goals become a reality.
Gifted with exceptional intuition and communication skills, in combination with her core values of love and kindness, Sofia empowers one life at the time. She does this by first recognizing the gifts and innate power each team member possesses. Each member of your team will unlock his or her full potential to own accountability as both a passion and a strength. Her commitment to the individual strengthens the entire team making the implementation of the systems in place highly effective. Sofia’s vision is to gift each doctor the space and support to focus their energy doing what they love most.
Sofia’s genuine desire to help others comes across very clearly as she develops a unique connection with each team member. Inspiring true change resulting in consistent professional and personal growth is what Sofia considers her mission in life.
Sofia’s home is in Miami, FL. She has been with her husband for 13 years. Together they love spending time with their 3 daughters, the family’s bunny and poodle. Together they participate in community activities. As a family they strongly believe in the power of giving love and time to the community. Sofia considers a blessing to meet dentists and to learn about their business operations. Additionally, Sofia serves as a room parent at her youngest daughter’s school and passionately participates in a newly formed Miami book club. She finds herself feeling renewed at multiple levels doing some of the things she loves most: mindfully connecting with people, reading and learning. Sofia also enjoys watching sports, skydiving, swimming, and meditation.
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