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Keeping HR Compliant with Ali Oromchian

It is critical for Doctors in private healthcare practices to have a solid HR system. In the past, malpractice suits were the biggest legal challenge for doctors. Now, the number one threat to a private healthcare practice is in the area of Human Resources.

In this episode, Ali helps us understand down the three most important areas a doctor must be aware of. From wage and hour issues to age discrimination to the three moments to never fire an employee.

In his helpful and passionate style, Ali helps doctors sleep at night with his sound advice on HR issues. When a doctor can get their HR issues out of the way, they can do what they are trained to do: take the very best care of their patients!

Ali Oromchian is the founding attorney of the Dental & Medical Counsel law firm and is renowned for his expertise in legal matters pertaining to doctors including, but not limited to, practice transitions, employment law, estate planning, partnership agreements and lease negotiations. He has served as a key opinion leader and legal authority in the dental care industry with CPAs, consultants, banks, insurance brokers and supplies and equipment companies.

He serves as a legal consultant for numerous dental care practice management firms who rely on his expertise for their client’s businesses. He also serves as legal consultant to a best of class human resources company, HR for Health, dedicated to improving the lives of all dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and MDs by ensuring their compliance with complex and ever-changing employment laws.

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