Hygiene Mastery

Hygiene Mastery

Your practice's key to unlocking a seamless, efficient, and patient-focused hygiene department.

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What Is Hygiene Mastery?

Empower Your Team. Unlock Incredible Patient Experiences.

Hygiene Mastery bridges the gap between doctors and hygienists, fostering a unified team where everyone communicates effectively and collaborates seamlessly. This transformative process not only enhances the patient experience but also elevates your practice's standards of care and profitability. Discover a tailored approach designed to optimize productivity, boost revenue, and ensure your patients receive exceptional, consistent care.

Hygiene Mastery
Hygiene Mastery

Why Join Hygiene Mastery?

Collaborate with Ease

Your Fortune coach will help you to unlock the power of seamless collaboration between you, your hygienists, and your entire team. 

  • Ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Streamlines operations for a more efficient practice.
  • Boosts team morale and improves patient experiences.

Elevate Your Standards of Care

By implementing new tools and communication strategies, we’ll help you build your reputation for excellence so you can foster long-lasting patient relationships.

  • Implement best practices and evidence-based techniques.
  • Ensure every patient receives exceptional, personalized attention.
  • Set new benchmarks for quality care.

Increase Profitability

Hygiene Mastery isn't just about enhancing care—it's about boosting your bottom line. By optimizing your hygiene department's efficiency, you'll see a significant increase in profitability. 

  • Empower team members on rescheduling communication.
  • Implement treatment plan acceptance strategies.
  • Provide effective reactivation strategies for inactive patients.

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