Dr. Laurentis Barnett

Executive Coach

AL, TN, MS, Charlotte, NC
State(s) Covered:
North Carolina
Dr. Laurentis Barnett

A Transformational Process Awaits

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Dr. Laurentis Barnett

Meet Dr. Laurentis Barnett

Dr. Laurentis Barnett is an executive business coach, as well as the founder and CEO of Divine Expressions Family Dentistry. Dr. Barnett’s aim in life is to empower entrepreneurs and corporate teams to expand and align their businesses into limitless success. Dr. Barnett is a lifelong student of learning with purposeful business and personal growth; he has a wealth of training to impart to anyone interested in becoming successful in life and professional development. Dr. Barnett strategically uses mind-master skills to create a life of abundance and freedom. Using the synergy of faith and strategy, He provides effective coaching strategies to help clients bring their entrepreneurial vision to fruition. These practices allow his clients to become profitable from a place of alignment and flow, while avoiding burnout, stress, and becoming overwhelmed.

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These proven methods help clients integrate the fundamental laws of marketing, sales, culture, and the Universe into their businesses. Dr. Barnett truly believes that we don’t get the life we want; rather we get the life we make. In order to have the life we make, we must ensure that our daily thoughts and values are conditioned to expedite the realities of our dreams. When he is not practicing dentistry, coaching, or preaching, Dr. Barnett enjoys traveling and shouting “roll tide” every time his favorite team scores a touchdown, which is quite often.

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