Dental Training Camps

Walk away from Dental Training Camp with actionable items to grow your practice, improve leadership, and enhance the patient experience.

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Dental Training Camps

What is Dental Training Camp?

Dental Training Camps

Imagine receiving all the practice insights you need to enhance your dental practice in a single day. That’s exactly what we offer at our Dental Training Camps.

Dental Training Camps are immersive one-day live events, focused on transforming specific aspects of your practice. You’ll meet like-minded dentists, chat one-on-one with Fortune coaches, and discover actionable steps to take your practice to the next level.

Dental Training Camps with Fortune aren’t just programs, they’re processes.

Your Camp, Your Experience


Dive into Camp Communication and become a master communicator, honing your skills to connect deeply with both patients and staff. Camp Culture teaches you how to shape the work culture you want. At Camp Structure, you’ll strengthen your administrative systems, ensuring the backbone of your practice is strong and efficient.


Camp Enrollment equips you with the Tools of Influence, empowering you to guide patients toward the treatment they need and deserve. At Camp Marketing, you’ll master the art of branding and customer service, ensuring your practice not only meets but exceeds patient expectations. Camp You focuses on your personal growth, helping you identify and work on the Six Areas of Life Mastery, along with effective goal-setting techniques.

At Dental Training Camp, we specialize in what we call "heart-level work," focusing on creating a seamless balance between your professional expertise and personal well-being.

Mastery - Hygiene & Finance

Discover the secrets to elevating the standard of care at Camp Hygiene. This camp provides the secrets to exceptional patient experiences and improved oral health outcomes. At Camp Finance, embark on the path toward financial freedom. You’ll gain insights into smart financial strategies tailored for dentists like you.

Mastery - CEO & DDS

Designed for practice owners, Camp CEO provides innovative strategies to enhance profitability and leadership skills. Camp DDS is designed for dentists to connect with fellow Fortune Management members and explore strategies to become influential clinical leaders.

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CAMP: Structure




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“We've seen a lot of growth in our team, both in terms of personal development and financial success, since being involved with Fortune Management."

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