How A New Training Camp Structure Can Boost Your Dental Practice

Published on
Nov 8, 2023

Fortune Management has put together a new structure for its Training CAMPs in order to push forward business thoughts and strategies that benefit dentists and team members in both their personal and professional lives. What are these new CAMPs? What was the need behind modifying them? What can dentists and team members expect when they attend. Kim McGuire, chief operating officer for Fortune Management, sits down with Kevin Henry, director of marketing for Fortune Management, to give a preview.

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How A New Training Camp Structure Can Boost Your Dental Practice

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The following questions are discussed during the episode: Why did Fortune Management change its Training CAMP structure? What is included in Fortune Management’s new Training CAMP structure? What do dentists and team members need to know about the benefits of Training CAMP? How do dentists and team members get involved with Training CAMP?


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