The Importance Of Leadership In Your Practice With Brianne Spiersch

Published on
Nov 8, 2023

Kim McGuire, Chief Operating Officer for Fortune Management, sits down with Brianne Spiersch, the Co-Director of Veterinary Mastery and an Executive Coach for Fortune Management. In this podcast, Spiersch and McGuire speak on the topic of leadership and how it can affect a team's culture, which then impacts the profit of the overall business. Spiersch and McGuire explain interactions between employees and leadership, the difference between a leader and a boss, and the Fortune Leadership Model.

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The Importance Of Leadership In Your Practice With Brianne Spiersch

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Born and raised in Reno NV, Brianne is returning “home” after a fun and successful 12 year hiatus living along the ocean on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. Brianne was raised from a young age to be a hard worker with her grandpa and father owning a furniture and hardware store for over 40 years. She learned the value of “hard work pays off” from an early age. When she wanted a candy bar from the hardware store, her father would tell her to find something to do in the store, and he would pay her for her time working. If she wanted to spend her money on a candy bar, then she could. When she wanted her first mountain bike, her parents made her save up for half of it before she could get one. They took her to a bank and opened up a savings account for her to begin saving. After a few months of working, she was able to save up for half of the bike and she went with her dad to get her brand new Diamond Back bike. #Earned may be a cliche hashtag thrown around by modern youth, but Brianne truly put in the effort to adopt this lifelong value of earning what you want.


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