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Executive Coach

Shanon Altig is an experienced Certified Professional Coach and Growth Strategist for High Achievers. Driven by her passion for personal and professional excellence, she takes pride in providing the best coaching strategies and implementation processes possible. As an Executive Coach for Fortune Management, she is passionate about helping dentists build the practice of their dreams with the team of their dreams and reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally.
Shanon has over 20 years of combined experience in the coaching and dental industry. She brings with her the unique experience of having owned and operated a multi-million-dollar dental practice with her husband of nearly 20 years, who is a practicing dentist in Sacramento. This unique experience has given Shanon a deep understanding of the many different hats dentists must wear, beyond providing patients with exceptional clinical care. She understands they must also be the CEO, Leader, Referee, Marketer and Visionary of their practice. As a former client of Fortune Management, Shanon has seen first-hand the power and true value of working with an executive coach from Fortune Management. Shanon believes so much in Fortune Management’s process and ability to achieve outstanding results for their clients, positively changing the lives of the dentists, their team, their patients and their families, that she became an executive coach for them.
Shanon is a life-long learner and dedicated student of personal development, always striving for Constant and Never-Ending improvement. She is an Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner and holds a CPC, coaching certificate from the ICF accredited Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).
In her free time Shanon loves to cook gourmet, plant-based meals and spending time with her family. She and her husband are lovers of anything outdoors. They love to go to the beach, take daily walks, hike in Auburn, CA and cool off by the American River afterwards. Shanon and her husband are self- proclaimed “foodies” and love to visit Napa when they can. They always look forward to their weekly golf dates on Fridays and family dinners on Sunday.
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