Keys To The Successful Optometry Practice With Aaron Werner, OD

Published on
Nov 8, 2023
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A successful optometry practice does not happen by accident! It takes leadership, focus, and a mindset on embracing change. Dr. Aaron Werner, a fifth-generation optometrist, walks us through how he’s created a practice that is fulfilling, successful, and focused on the patient's health.

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Keys To The Successful Optometry Practice With Aaron Werner, OD

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Dr. Aaron Werner is a partner at Werner Optometry in San Diego CA. He graduated in 2008 from the Illinois College of Optometry becoming a fifth generation optometrist and joined his father's successful practice. Having grown up in an optometry family, and working in his father's practice, Dr. Aaron has a unique perspective of practice operations from both a doctor's perspective and that of a team member.

In addition to Werner Optometry, Dr. Aaron serves as a Vision Source administrator for the San Diego area. Vision Source is a network of independent optometry practices who's mission is to "Enrich lives by enabling independent optometrists to reach their full potential". Nationally, over 3,000 offices and 4,000 optometrists are members of the Vision Source network. As administrator, he works with optometrists, staff and industry partners to create opportunities for growth and success. Other roles include speaking and consulting with Alcon, Allergan and Optovue.In his free time, Dr. Aaron enjoys being outdoors with his wife and three children.

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