Want To Level Up? Get A Coach.

Published on
April 15, 2024

Great numbers, be it production, collections etc. are simply the outcome of exceptional behaviors. Coaching gives leaders and teams the ability to accelerate both personal growth and development as well as the metrics of your business. Great coaches act as a catalyst supporting the ability to influence more effectively, create alignment around vision and goals and to create an environment of honest, yet judgement free communication that accelerates top team performance.

Development through coaching is a journey of discovery, it encourages growth and a willingness to move beyond ones comfort zone, while exploring each individuals definition of success. Then it challenges individuals and team to explore possibility, to welcome introspection and to leverage accountability all while practicing agility in navigating change. Each of these experiences are vital for either a personal or a teams definition of success, accomplishment or progress.

Listening, questioning, messaging, acknowledging and strategizing are the central competencies used by skillful coaches to support personal and team development. By working with a leader and their team, a coach will help to identify gaps, uncover latent issues, acknowledge strengths and weaknesses, gain clarity around goals and purpose, while at the same times creating awareness of the delta between where their clients are today and where they aspire to go. From there the coach will support the strategy creation to get there and act as an accountability partner on the journey.

One example of success is the identification of true purpose and designing a way to fully live into that purpose. That success is compounded by the individual and personal nature of the work done to get there. This requires a willingness to work on ones self, explore blindspots and limiting beliefs that get in the way of living fully, while designing strategies that support the the new goals and results. The outcome is a well rounded and deeply satisfying life and for many a life in continual evolution.

Now, if all of this sounds like something one could do on their own, perhaps. But keep in mind that if you could, you already would. So consider the strength in having an accountability partner, a sounding board, a central source of curiosity, clarity and alternative perspectives. Consider the power in getting ideas and goals, frustrations and roadblocks, wishes and plans out of your head and and taking action. That decision is an investment that pays dividends for years to come.