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Philly West
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Adrienne Mackenzie

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Adrienne Mackenzie

Meet Adrienne Mackenzie

As a Fortune Management Coach, Adrienne brings almost 15 years of dental experience to our team. She worked in administrative, marketing and leadership roles and learned first hand what it takes to run a successful practice. She looks forward to assisting teams develop growth strategies, achievable long term goals and supporting your practice’s vision, mission and core values. Adrienne loves helping dental practices of all sizes recharge, realize their potential and maximize each team member's strengths. As a certified DiSC trainer, she helps teams understand the power of behavioral styles to maximize efficiency, “people read” their patients and ultimately increase case acceptance.

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Adrienne is proud to be a Pennsylvania State University graduate and has over two decades of experience in business development, marketing and public relations. Her unique background has provided her with greater insight to "people power." Companies do not thrive because of one person; they thrive because the right people are in place, feeling empowered and working towards the vision and mission of the company, living the core values each day. Her charismatic personality and positive messages will inspire you and your team to recharge and reset. She is eager to energize and empower your team for future growth and success! Adrienne resides in Lancaster County, PA and loves spending any free time with her husband and son. They enjoy hiking, traveling and spending time with their cats Zima, Thumper and Mochi. Adrienne also loves to work out, write poetry and whip up new vegetarian recipes in the kitchen.

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