Cid Carmona

Executive Coach

Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi
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Cid Carmona

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Cid Carmona

Meet Cid Carmona

As a managing partner and executive coach for Fortune Management, Cid Carmona brings his background in the military, healthcare, and business arenas to assist healthcare professionals lead their teams and practices towards growth and success. With both an undergraduate military academy education and a graduate medical school background, Cid implements the best of his experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur, and his proficiency as a business consultant in the services and healthcare industries, to the Fortune Management team. Having led teams into combat in the deserts of Iraq, as well as business owners towards achievement in the entrepreneurial world, Cid radiates a passion attuned towards helping others with the fine traits of leadership and management, guiding his clients towards results, profitability, and happiness.

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Cid’s interests revolve around the study and continual practice of personal and organizational leadership and business operations. With a vast and varied range of coaching and leadership successes ranging from leading a boxing team at West Point to acting as a team leader while at Ranger School; from managing study clubs in medical school to eventually becoming the head of several successful companies and a business management consultant, Cid uses his knowledge and experience to empower clients to achieve the outcomes they envision for themselves and their teams. With his unique combination of military focus and discipline, healthcare management expertise, and easygoing style, Cid can connect and motivate individuals to strive to reach their true potential. With his multicultural background and experience living in many different metropolitan and small town communities, relating to most people and understanding their sensibilities comes naturally.

Cid is committed to staying physically and mentally fit through constant learning and self-improvement, running, biking, and swimming, as well as spending time with the significant people in his life, who with their positive attitude, make him a better man. Cid lives in New Orleans, LA and in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with his beautiful wife and two energetic retrievers.

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