Curtis Crandall

Executive Coach

Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia
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Curtis Crandall

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Curtis Crandall

Meet Curtis Crandall

Breaking into the dental industry in 2004, Curtis quickly saw a need to provide dentists with higher level business and management training. Curtis purchased his first dental practice in September of 2010 and was able to offer his expertise and knowledge in the areas of practice development and team growth. Having always been a strong leader and dedicated to the development of himself and others, Curtis and his practice became clients of Fortune Management. Shortly after experiencing the life changing momentum that Fortune Management offered him, Curtis took on the commitment to join Fortune as a front line Executive Coach and Managing Partner.

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In conjunction with serving his clients through Fortune Management, Curtis serves as the CEO for a multi-location DSO in Western Pennsylvania. When observing the dozens of companies that Curtis has formed, it is noticeable  that each shares a common goal: maximizing leadership, growing people, embracing technology, and creating solutions to adapt to the quickly changing business landscape that surrounds the dental profession.

Curtis received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Sierra Nevada College. There he was able to dedicate his college career to professional preparedness by focusing on math and science, business development, and also creating a strong entrepreneurial foundation. His contagious enthusiasm plays a key role in his coaching relationships.

Curtis energetically provides guidance to dentists and their teams, allowing dental practices to achieve their ultimate visions and thrive fundamentally and financially. Dedicating his life to Whatever It Takes (W.I.T.) and Constant And Never Ending Improvement (C.A.N.I.), he has been able to create a rock solid foundation for life achievement. The premise behind these two simple acronyms have allowed him to inspire dental teams and give them the tools they need to master the Five Business Engines: Team Culture, Organization, Sales/Marketing, Clinical/Technology, and Finances. The coaching relationship Curtis establishes removes the “guesswork” of running a business and helps create an accelerated, senior-level team and organizational structure.

Curtis’ personal passion is all about embracing the time he gets to share with his wife and two daughters with the goal of creating amazing memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

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