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Genny "Genn" Zamarripa, RDH

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Genny "Genn" Zamarripa, RDH

Meet Genny "Genn" Zamarripa, RDH

With over two decades of dedicated service in the field of dentistry, Genny is seasoned with years of clinical experience, knowledge of preventive dentistry, and commitment to patient education. For 25+ years, she has worked extensively for prestigious dentists, working her way up to lead positions in the practice. Genny is dynamic, passionate, and eager to uplift both her colleagues and patients.

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Genny makes a profound impact in her field of work, and is always seeking ways to innovate and grow; she has evolved to become the lead hygienist in the two practices she works for. She independently initiates innovative projects and conducts comprehensive training sessions for fellow hygienists, fostering a cohesive and skilled team. Genny’s primary objective is to empower and enhance teams by introducing new and innovative techniques, encouraging their business to thrive in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Undoubtedly, Genny’s personal life exhibits her occupational strengths. Although Genny is a practicing hygienist & Fortune Management Executive Coach, she is also a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer contributing to the health and wellness of a diverse community through dynamic and motivating exercise routines. Disciplined and committed to her physical fitness, she is always finding ways to challenge herself, while simultaneously encouraging and motivating her clients.

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