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Heather Riddle, RDH

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Heather Riddle, RDH

Meet Heather Riddle, RDH

Heather Riddle embarked on her dentistry journey in 2015, initially stepping into the field as a registered dental hygienist. Her career trajectory evolved, leading her to explore the realms of product marketing management and dental coaching, where her true passion for dentistry and fostering thriving practices flourished.

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Heather's professional journey continued to unfold as she ventured into dental coaching, discovering profound joy in guiding dental offices to not only meet their goals but also to grow individually. With a keen ear for her clients' needs, Heather listens attentively and provides a purposeful approach to guide offices toward realizing the doctor's vision. Her firm belief in the value of leadership became a cornerstone in her approach, shaping the success of every dental team with which she worked.

The art of growing dental businesses is Heather's passion. She offers a unique set of skills which encompasses all elements of the five business engines to increase profitability, develop leaders, and enhance the overall success of each doctor and practice she encounters. Her years of coaching dental business leaders and their teams has made a huge  impact in the personal and professional lives of dentists and teams.

Heather will take your practice upward and coach you to create remarkable results, as you seek to achieve your bold vision as a dental practice entrepreneur.

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