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Dr. Jake Finifrock, PhD is a global citizen who grew up in the wilds of Alaska and Northern Minnesota, and now resides in Tucson, Arizona after spending decades living abroad in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
"Jake" Finifrock

Meet "Jake" Finifrock

Dr. Jake Finifrock, PhD, specializes in helping doctors and their staff discover and unlock their potential - maximizing teamwork, excellence, and profit in their practices.

Jake brings dynamic leadership and engaging insight to his Fortune practice. He has been a leader in the humanitarian non-profit sector, owned his own luxury travel company, and served as the director of Asia for the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Prior to joining Fortune Practice Management, Jake developed his skills as an executive coach and leadership development consultant for an international institute and most recently in his own practice where he served leaders in a wide variety of industries, including dental and endodontics. With a wealth of experience in leadership development and organizational leadership, Jake has a remarkable history of steering C-suite executives and senior business leaders towards exceptional achievements as individuals and within their teams.

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Jake's coaching philosophy centers on the conviction that success hinges on the alignment of mindset, leadership skills, and practice culture, forming a winning formula for both individual and team performance. As a certified coach and facilitator of a wide array of assessment tools, he leverages his extensive knowledge and experience to catalyze positive change.

Jake holds a BA in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, a Professional Teaching Credential from UCLA Extension, and an MPhil and PhD in Education from Bangor University in Wales, UK. Fluent in both Mandarin and Spanish, Jake's two decades of living abroad make him uniquely qualified to coach diverse teams to success. His unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth infuses his coaching practice, as he remains committed to assisting doctors and their teams in attaining their objectives and surmounting obstacles on the path to success.

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Buy. Grow. Sell. The Life Cycle of a Dental Practice - Doctors Only!
Buy. Grow. Sell. The Life Cycle of a Dental Practice - Doctors Only!

Tucson, AZ


Jun 14, 2024


Buy. Grow. Sell. The Life Cycle of a Dental Practice - Doctors Only!




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