Jennifer Surette

Executive Coach

North Texas
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Jennifer Surette

A Transformational Process Awaits

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Jennifer Surette

Meet Jennifer Surette

Jennifer Surette is one of the leading experts in coaching private dental practices. Since joining Fortune Management in 2015, she has been transforming privately owned dental practices, boosting collections by $32 million with uniquely tailored strategies. The strategies are a result of leading high performing dental practices for 20 years prior to joining Fortune, and years of committing to CANI, constant and never-ending improvement.

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Jennifer knows how to make profits for doctors. Her valuable insight and knowledge have placed her in high demand with Fortune Management practices. Her expertise includes diagnosing hidden barriers that are preventing overall practice growth, strategically analyzing KPI’s, effective structuring of all key roles of the business team, personalized goal setting, increasing case acceptance skills, cultivating patient relations, communication skills and techniques, and much more!

A staple of Jennifer’s coaching is expanding mindset by overcoming limiting beliefs that hold us back, then helping to break through to the next level. Her unique insight from working with a high performing team has helped her train other practices to be peak performers, cultivate patient relations, improve staff communication skills, and ultimately, propel them towards their overall vision together as a team.

Jennifer embraces the Fortune teachings and is passionate in inspiring others to greater personal and professional growth. She is committed to developing a positive team culture that will support each practice’s vision. Her passion is to empower each staff member’s individual gifts and talents, while her strength is seeing the big picture and understanding how all the small pieces fit together, leading teams to extraordinary growth. She believes that leading with a servant’s heart and building relationships are paramount for long term success.

Outside of Fortune, and after her family and friends, her next greatest passion is in ministry. Studying biblical counseling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has allowed the blessing to counsel women in a volunteer setting since 2010. A life centered on the belief that “I will bless you so that you can be a blessing to others”.

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