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Kristina Johnson

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Kristina Johnson

Meet Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson is an award-winning business leader with over 15 years in financial services and healthcare.  She’s won national awards for marketing & sales and delivered nearly $1BN of revenue and cost savings for companies.

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She brings a rich personal experience to every endeavor.  Kristina lived in the foster care system for the first several years of her life.  Shortly after being adopted, both of her parents developed drug addictions, leaving Kristina to navigate a life of extensive domestic abuse.  By the age of 16 she was sleeping in her car because it was safer for her.  Even at a young age, she knew that she had the power to change her life and she worked diligently to figure out how.  She went from sleeping in a car at 16 to owning her own home at 26.  

As Kristina began to forge her path, she found that the tools and perspectives that helped her heal and find happiness in her life also led to breakthroughs in her career.  Her passion and purpose are sharing her experiences and learnings with others to help them create their own path to a career and life they enjoy.

Kristina began motivational speaking at the age of 14 and has spoken to audiences as large as 4,500. She began individual coaching in 2012 and team coaching in 2016.  In 2020, she completed the Executive and Professional Coaching program at University of Texas at Dallas and became a member of the International Coaching Federation.  At the crux of it all is her drive to humanize the way we work and give people the support they need to truly enjoy ridiculously happy + wildly successful careers.

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