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Lyndsay Miller

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Dr. Dee Dee Meevasian & Mike Cruz
"As with all great coaches, Lyndsay and Mark saw potential in us that we couldn’t see ourselves."
Lyndsay Miller

Meet Lyndsay Miller

As an Executive Coach, Mrs. Miller has dedicated herself to studying distinctions in practice management, specifically on how to transform dental practices into team-oriented, productive, and highly profitable businesses. Lyndsay’s expertise is in strategic business planning, marketing, and effective communication. Her desire and passion to share knowledge on leadership and personal effectiveness has always been present. Lyndsay is invested in the personal growth and development of her clients. She provides guidance in a positive way that promotes self-discovery, growth, understanding and action. Her expertise in marketing and social media has helped her practices grow patient referrals and boost case acceptance.

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During her career, she has had the opportunity to speak at organizations including Western University, San Diego and Orange County Dental Societies, and various study clubs, seminars and workshops. Her topics range from maximization of productivity and profitability, marketing, increased case acceptance, vision and goal setting, plus many other strategies and techniques that directly impact the practice’s revenue. Her practical strategies and approaches are highly sought after by dental practices and teams.

In addition to the extensive leadership training she has received through Fortune Management, she has her B.A. in Communications and Marketing from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Lyndsay believes that Constant And Never ending Improvement (C.A.N.I!), and contributing beyond oneself are the keys to a fulfilling life. Some of her personal activities include hiking with her husband Jonathan and dog Rue, yoga, stand-up paddling, and world travel.

"February 2016, was the date the trajectory of our life and our practice changed forever. As with all great coaches, Lyndsay and Mark saw potential in us that we couldn’t see ourselves, much less put into words. They showed us how to articulate our vision and put systems in place to make it a reality. In that short time, they’ve worked side by side with us through expansions, renovations, bringing on associates, specialists, mergers and acquisitions, and building an amazing practice culture. Extraordinary practice, extraordinary life isn’t just a corny Fortune tagline. Mark and Lyndsay’s coaching and leadership has helped us build an extraordinary practice faster than we could have by ourselves, and now we get to live out the extraordinary life we’ve always dreamed of." - Dr. Dee Dee Meevasian and Mike Cruz.

“It is my absolute honor and pleasure to write a few words about Fortune Management organization and especially the two professional coaches with whom we have had the most interaction. Lyndsay and Sue have been professional, understanding, kind, and always available when we needed them. We have been a relatively successful practice and played the cards right and because of that we knew there had to be more to learn to get to the next level. Fortune Management, Sue and Lyndsay are holding our hands and doing a great job doing that and more. Our entire team realizes this fact, especially now as we are more knowledgeable. Everyone is more Accountable, Motivated, Proactive, and as a result productive. We call it our AMP, as our amp goes higher we get more power and higher numbers. This system also helps the entire team work together united with the same interest and goals.” - Dr. Amir Saz Gardena Dental Group.

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