Sherry Ireland

Executive Coach

Orange County, CA
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Sherry Ireland

A Transformational Process Awaits

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Sherry Ireland

Meet Sherry Ireland

Graduating in 1997 from the Certified Dental Assisting program in British Columbia, Canada, Sherry offers “on the court” insight when it comes to supporting dental teams in success. Sherry has worked in general, cosmetic, holistic, and some specialty practices. In 2007, Sherry was offered the opportunity to learn front office and transitioned into practice management. During the last 15 years, Sherry has been working in private practice and has participated in continuing education which included everything from phone skills, treatment planning, team building, new patient experience, customer service, personal growth in teams, personality assessment tools, and the oral systemic link. Sherry has helped other consultants with their clients through the years and has assisted in successfully transitioning 2 practices from PPO to fee for service. Using all the skills and systems she has learned over the years, the last doctor she worked with, exceeded his collections goal by over 500K in her first full year.

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Sherry labels herself as a lifetime learner and you will always find her reading, listening to an audible or podcast, or participating in her own personal development. She has a 19 year old son in college and spending quality time with him and her circle of influence is a priority for her. Sherry gets back to Canada to see her family as much as she can. Whole body wellness is a core value for Sherry so you will also find her sharing her passion for prevention through foods, whole food supplements and lifestyle.

A natural leader, Sherry leads by example and will not ask anyone to do something she is not willing to do herself or has not experienced already. Honesty, transparent communication and self accountability are 3 values you can count on from Sherry.

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