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Navigating the PPO Landscape with Clint Johnson

If you are interested in learning more about improving your relationships with Dental Insurance companies, this is the episode for you!  My guest, Clint Johnson, founder of Profitable PPO, helps dental practices improve their profitability while contracted with PPOs.  In addition they will take practices that are not contracted with ppo’s and help them get the highest fee schedules possible.

Our guest is Clinton Johnson is the founder of Profitable PPOs, a Phoenix based company that specializes in ppo fee negotiations, credentialing and ppo optimization. The team at Profitable PPOs works with all types of dental professionals from start-ups to long established practices, from solo practitioners to multi-location clinics.  For over 20 year he has assisted doctors across the country and is passionate about helping practice owners to both enjoy their practices as well as enjoy increased ppo profitability.


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