Coverage Area
Carol Abbott
Atlanta, GA
Ty Aldinger
Michelle Amiel
Angelina Barba
Alameda, Contra Costa, CA
Dr. Paul Bass
Ashley Bilski
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Boone
VET - Atlanta, CA, NV; DENTAL - Contra Costa County
Bonnie Bradbury
San Fernando Valley, Ventura County
Dr. Andrea Braun
Carrie Cahill
West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Arkansas
Cid Carmona
New Orleans and Gulf Coast
Frank Clark
Stephanie Coyle
New Jersey, Greater Philadelphia
Curtis Crandall
Pittsburgh, Cleveland
Christine Joy Cristobal
Tiffany DeHart
Greate Little Rock
Danyelle Fives
Seattle, WA
Cheryl Frazier
Dallas, Fort Worth
Mary Fremont
Deanna Goodrich, RDH
Page Haines
Houston, TX
Christine Hammelev, RDH
Jon Harris
Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Arkansas
Ragan Hartman
Middle Tennessee, East Tennessee, Northern Alabama
Sandra Hassan
Houston, TX
Judy Hoenicke
Greater Detroit, Michigan
Brad Hunsaker
Ron Indech
San Francisco, San Mateo
Brandon Johnson
Eric Kapral
Sacramento, Solano, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties, CA
Don Khouri
Greater Boston, New York
Kerry King
New Orleans and Gulf Coast
Robert Leonard
Napa, Marin & Sonoma County
Debra Llama
Alameda County
Valerie Luna
San Antonio, Austin, North Texas
Yolanda Mangrum
Marin, Sonoma, Napa Counties
Dennis Marvel
Natalie McCarty
Northern Bay Area, CA
Kim McGuire
Colorado, Arizona
Jonathan Miller
Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego
Lyndsay Miller
Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego
Monica Murray
Marissa Nicholson
Wendy Nix
Dallas, Fort Worth TX
Brian Passell, PHD
The Woodlands, Galveston, TX and Indiana
Ann-Mary Pham
North Bay, CA
Paula Quinn
Mark Ramirez
Santa Clara, CA
Shannon Richkowski, RDH
Colorado, Arizona
Sue Riordan
Orange Co., San Bernardino Co. CA
Angela Schneider
Southern California
Cristina Schneider
South Florida
René Schubert
Colorado, Florida, Arizona
John Sellers
Chicago, Minnesota, Michigan
Kandra Sellers
Chicago, Minnesota, Michigan
Bonni Sheir-Maysonet, CRDH
South Florida
Laurie Slater
Toronto, CANADA
Denise Snarski
East Bay, Central Valley, CA
Bernie Stoltz
San Diego Co., Orange Co., West Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Santa Clara Coty, Alameda Co, Hawaii, Nevada, Greater New York, Contra Costa
Ashley Suma
New York, New Jersey
Jennifer Surette
San Antonio, Austin, North Texas
Dick Vessels
Dallas, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Fort Worth, No. Virginia, Baltimore, Kentucky
Sheri Vittori
Naperville, IL
Thomas Walsh
Marin, Sonoma, Napa Counties
Berea Wash
Birmingham, AL
Mark Webb
Monterey, CA
Wanda Williams
Jackson, MS
Dale Williams
San Antonio, Austin, North Texas
Jeanne Williams
San Antonio, Austin, North Texas
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As a career, coaching is the ultimate selfless experience. Seeing people achieve their dreams through coaching not only creates successful businesses, it provides the satisfaction of knowing we made a difference in the lives of our clients.
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