Salt Lake City, UT


May 3, 2024

CAMP: Communication

8:30 AM


3:00 PM

Salt Lake City, UT
Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House - Henriksen Conference Room

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your communication with others. This course focuses on the foundational Fortune Management Communication Technologies. Enhance your communication skills on both a personal and professional level.

  • Learn steps to becoming a Master Communicator
  • Master Emotional State Management
  • Acquire Non-confrontational, elegant conflict resolution skills



CAMP: Communication
CAMP: Communication
CAMP: Communication

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Brad Hunsaker

Brad Hunsaker has a passion for creating successful teams and organizations. As an executive coach for Fortune Management, Brad Hunsaker brings over 30 years of leadership, problem solving and coaching experience to the Utah and Wyoming markets. He has worked in various corporations in numerous leadership positions and has been extensively involved in the creation and running of successful businesses. He has completed the coaching and leadership seminars with the original Landmark training. He has been a member of the Board of Directors, and the Chief Legal Officer of Fortune Practice Management, Inc. since its inception in 2005.

Monica Murray

For two decades, Monica has dedicated her career to the betterment of the dental profession, and to coach doctors and teams on one principle strategy, CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Monica’s business coaching is designed to empower her clients and their teams with the focus, training, and accountability they need to achieve consistent and sustainable results.


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