San Francisco, CA


March 8, 2024

Extraordinary Expo

9:00 AM


2:30 PM

San Francisco, CA
Fort Mason / Meeting Rooms C205-C235

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Extraordinary Expo
Extraordinary Expo
Extraordinary Expo

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Yolanda Mangrum

Yolanda Mangrum, DDS, MAGD has been a practicing dentist since 1997 and practice owner since 1999. She is the founder of Plan For Heath (PFH), co-founder of Virtual Training Innovation (VTI), and the owner/CEO Petaluma Dental Group (PDG). Plan For Health is a wellness membership plan for dental offices. It was created as a patient/ practice win-win to fill the gaps in dental insurance. The need to create Virtual Training Innovation came from her desire to stop repeating herself in training. She says, "Keeping my team on track with training, culture, goals, and protocols has seemed like a never-ending frustrating task. I needed to create a way to stop this cycle and win." Throughout her practicing years, she has strived to create protocols that would achieve repeatable results and lay the groundwork for inspiring individual growth. She has consistently shared her best practices with her dental colleagues, inspired new dentists, and participated in organized dentistry to improve the dental profession.

Joshua Shapiro

Josh has always chosen the path of experience over complacency. Throughout his career, Josh has dedicated himself and his vision as a leader to engage in everything he does with a “full send” attitude. With over two decades of success in business, with experiences ranging from Fortune50 companies to early-stage start-ups, Josh’s invaluable expertise and broad business range have successfully developed both the people and processes that drive productivity, reliability, and client satisfaction. Such traits have consistently enabled Josh to hone the skills needed to manage ongoing business planning processes while developing strategies to meet future challenges.


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