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June 27, 2024

Hands-On Virtual Laser Certification Course

9:00am EST


5:00pm EST

Zoom Virtual Meeting

This Standard Proficiency Laser Course is designed to provide information to Dental Hygienists regarding how beneficial soft tissue dental lasers can be in their dental practices. Attendees will understand and feel comfortable using a soft tissue laser on their patients.

Receive the certification in the comfort of your chosen venue. Must have access to a computer (not cell phone) with video.


$657.00 + Pig Jaw + S&H


Be Prepared to Learn:

Laser Physics and the ability to identify which lasers Dental Hygienists can use.

How to use the laser on your patients and feel comfortable with settings.

How important your soft tissue lasers are in relation to the acceptance of case presentations to your patients.

New technologies available to dental hygienists and how to implement them into your practices.

This course meets the curriculum guidelines and standards for dental laser education.

Hands-On Virtual Laser Certification Course
Hands-On Virtual Laser Certification Course
Hands-On Virtual Laser Certification Course

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Stephanie Coyle

As a coach for the Northeast Fortune team, Steph believes in an atmosphere that allows team members to grow personally and professionally to achieve their ultimate vision. She thrives in motivating and empowering teams to provide patient focused care through implementing systems to enhance their practices and increase productivity, while honing leadership skills to become a cohesive team.


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