Private Equity and the Dental Industry, with Dennis Marvel, Fortune Management

Published on
Feb 16, 2024

On this episode of Dental Business Radio, Dennis Marvel, Fortune Management, joined host Patrick O’Rourke for a frank conversation about private equity and the dental industry. They discussed the inner workings of private equity firms that dentists often don’t understand, how PE firms function, and how their incentives can negatively impact a dental practice owner choosing to sell to such firms. Dennis and Patrick discussed the legal definition of an “accredited investor,” and how many dentists may financially qualify to meet that test but not have the investment understanding and experience that the term implies. The conversation also moved towards the value of independence and objectivity in healthcare-related businesses and the importance of understanding one’s scaling strategies in the industry.

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Private Equity and the Dental Industry, with Dennis Marvel, Fortune Management

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Topics Discussed in this Interview00:03 Introduction to Dental Business Radio00:28 Guest Introduction: Dennis Marvel03:35 Dennis Marvel’s Entrepreneurial Journey06:33 The Impact of Private Equity Firms in Healthcare08:38 The Risks and Rewards of Private Equity Firms09:13 The Future of Dentistry and Private Equity14:46 Understanding the Business Side of Dentistry23:53 The Importance of Investing in Your Own Business28:14 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements


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