Dennis Marvel

Director of Fortune50, Executive Coach

Seattle, WA
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Dennis Marvel

A Transformational Process Awaits

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Dennis Marvel

Meet Dennis Marvel

Dennis is one of the nation’s leading authorities in the rapidly changing business of dentistry. Prior to Joining Fortune, Dennis acquired extensive business experience as a serial entrepreneur and through diverse positions in Fortune 50 financial firms.

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He has served as a Vice President of Dean Witter Reynolds, a Principal of the New York Stock Exchange, a Senior Vice President for American Express, the CEO of Tilt Inc., the co-organizer of TEDx Seattle, and the Founder and CEO of the Inspirit Leadership Group. In addition to a B.S. in Business, Dennis is a graduate of The Wharton School of Business International Financial Management and Executive Leadership Development Programs as well as the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute. He holds numerous specialist designations and possesses considerable expertise in economics, business development, corporate finance capital markets, and dental practice operations.

Dennis has an uncanny ability to make complex business concepts simple and to turn data into clear actionable priorities that transforms business results. Whether he was managing portfolios, growing private business, fortune 50 financial firms or dental practices, Dennis Marvel has always taken a very results-oriented approach. He has a remarkable ability to understand data and teach others to break it down simply and to take actionable steps that make incredible changes to their business.

Dennis has a strong track record facilitating extraordinary growth through his awareness and understanding of business metrics. He will teach you how to use key performance indicators with your team to create outstanding business results. Dennis has a core belief that your business should be a pathway to increasing your fulfillment and, in the process, have your business be a catalyst to an extraordinary life.

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