Successful Integration Of Vision Therapy Into Your Optometry Practice With Lisa Weiss, OD

Published on
Nov 8, 2023
Sue Riordan
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In this episode, Dr. Weiss shows us how she has created a successful multi-specialty optometry practice including her passion: Vision Therapy. Sue Riordan, the Director of Optometry for Fortune Management also joins the conversation.

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Successful Integration Of Vision Therapy Into Your Optometry Practice With Lisa Weiss, OD

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Dr. Weiss explains the nature of her business and how she has been successful. From the logistics of the practice to the marketing to, most important, the mindset she has taken on. Unstoppable leadership, a strong practice vision and the passion for changing the lives of children through Vision Therapy is where Dr. Weiss thrives!

Dr. Lisa M. Weiss graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry and then completed a residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation at the SUNY State College of Optometry in New York City. Dr. Weiss enjoys taking care of her patients with all of their eye care needs including glasses, contact lenses, computer vision syndrome, myopia prevention, vision therapy, eye diseases, and laser co-management.

She recommends that all patients beginning at 2 months of age receive routine eye and vision care every year. Dr. Weiss obtained her fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and is proud to have reached this personal and professional goal in improving her treatment and care of vision therapy patients. She is also glaucoma certified which means better care for our patients. Outside of the office, Dr. Weiss spends time with her husband Justin and daughter Myla, Hobbies include stained glass, tap dancing, snowboarding, and knitting.

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