The Preservation Of Private Practice With Fortune Management

Published on
Nov 8, 2023

Kim McGuire, Chief Operating Officer for Fortune Management, sits down with Bernie Stoltz, the CEO of Fortune Management. During this podcast, McGuire and Stoltz discuss the changes that are currently happening in the dental industry and what this means for not only today’s dentist, but future generations as well. What strategies should every dentist know to help his or her practice succeed? McGuire and Stoltz share their years of knowledge with the audience and look ahead to what may be to come for dentistry.

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The Preservation Of Private Practice With Fortune Management

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A seasoned motivator, public speaker, and acclaimed coach with over 30 years of business leadership in the healthcare community, Bernie Stoltz was the founder of five successful companies before joining Fortune Management over 25 years ago. Bernie has conducted thousands of training programs across the country to help thousands of doctors become their personal and professional best. Bernie coaches and has provided practice management instruction at the University of California, San Francisco and The University of the Pacific, as well as The Pacific Laser Institute. In addition, Bernie is a regular contributor to many publications and speaks throughout the world.


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