Dr. Brian Passell

Executive Coach

Houston, TX
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Dr. Brian Passell

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Dr. Brian Passell

Meet Dr. Brian Passell

Dr. Brian Passell is an industrial / organizational psychologist who for the past decade has worked with major corporations improving their performance through strategies and programs that develop current and future leaders. Brian earned a PhD from the University of Georgia, a MS from San Diego State University, and a BA from the University of Arizona.

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Brian quickly builds trust with his clients through showing authentic care for their needs. Always ready to help, he is a coach in action and teacher at heart, who provides clarity and direction adapted to each client’s own style.

Brian brings a unique perspective given the combination of his academic background, professional experience, and having grown-up the son of a dentist who was a client of Fortune Management. Brian’s areas of expertise include leadership and management skills development, Human Resources, culture building, performance management, change management, training, and teams.

Brian and his wife Lindsay are blessed to have a wonderful daughter and two sons. They love to travel near and abroad, but also enjoy staying home to cook new recipes whenever they can. Brian is passionate about community leadership and volunteerism; he serves on the board of several local organizations.

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