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Dental Lasers Save Time & Make Patients Feel Safer

By Fred Joyal

Lasers have been around dentistry for a long time. Hard and soft tissue lasers have been promised but mostly not delivered. Finally, that’s changed. The Solea® all tissue dental laser delivers.

And it delivers in a time when you've never needed it more. Because using a laser reduces aerosols and splatters. This is something you care about, and also your patients are starting to care about, too. In fact, using a Solea laser eliminates the need for anesthesia, which creates two advantages.

First, the patient is a lot happier not getting a shot and not being numb for hours afterward. Second, it also saves you time and PPE. When you don’t have to numb the patient and then leave the room to see another patient, forcing you to change your PPE twice, you eliminate that time and the need to discard PPE. You just treat the patient.

You've also completed the treatment in less time for the same fee, which means you’ll be able to produce more per hour. That is critical now because you’re likely producing less per hour because of the increased safety measures and the time they require.

Let's talk about the significant differences that are created when you use an effective hard tissue laser. The average handpiece generates 18 inches of splatter. This splatter zone is radically reduced by the laser simply because a handpiece uses 30 psi of air pressure and 50 ml/min of water, while the Solea uses 10 psi, and only 8 ml/min of water. That’s a significant difference.

In fact, with a Solea laser, 97% to 99.9% of splatters and aerosols are eliminated. As a practitioner, you know aerosols have become significant as a safety consideration and a fear factor, not just for you, but for your team as well. Many dentists are now noticing the amount of splatter generated because they are wearing clear shields as part of their PPE.

Diagram comparing splatter of dentist Solea Laser vs normal drill.

What's more, with a Solea laser, unlike a handpiece, the surface temperature can get up to 1200 degrees Celsius, which can make any splatter that is created safer, as that temperature is in a range that kills or denatures viruses and bacteria. You are cauterizing the wound anytime you are doing laser surgery, drastically reducing aerosols and bleeding.

And think about the savings. Every time you have to change from one operatory to the next, that’s $10 of PPE. If you eliminate that room change by not having to numb the patient and then leave, that’s going to add up fast. And you'll save it in carpules of anesthesia as well.

For example, Dr. Yooson Kim, a skilled Solea user, went from using over 3000 carpules a year of Lidocane® to less than 500. More important, she not only reduced her Lidocane use and expense by 78%, but also increased the number of treatments she was able to do in that year by 73%, because she was spending less time completing each treatment. These are her numbers from actually using the laser on a daily basis. This was significant before COVID-19, but now, with the strains on production, it could make all the difference in practice recovery.

Finally, consider the marketing advantages. Faster treatments. No anesthesia. High tech. Patients are going to talk about not getting a shot not being numb after the treatment. These are some of the biggest negatives in dentistry. Treatments using Solea eliminate them.

What this turns into are five-star Yelp and Google reviews. And it’s a reason for your patients to come back when they've been reluctant because of safety concerns. Patients are also starting to consider aerosols like never before. That’s because they're the one without a mask on in the room, and they're wondering about the aerosols from the previous patient and the ventilation system.

There are also additional procedures that you can add because you have this versatile laser. Palate regeneration for snoring patients is a perfect example. But mostly, you're going to produce more per hour, because you're working faster and more efficiently.

We need to save time and make patients feel safer. Incorporating a Solea laser can do both.

For more information on Solea lasers, go to www.convergentdental.com

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