Watching a patient testimonial with a 5 star review.By Fred Joyal

Many dental practices are facing the challenge of how to bring their reluctant patients back to the office. One of the most effective solutions is to use the patients who have returned to your practice already to help bring them back. They have seen the lengths that the practice has gone to, and understand that it is indeed safe. 

How do you do that?

Simply ask those patients to do video testimonials, where the patient talks about how anxious they might have been to come back in the practice, but now they feel comfortable because they've seen how the practice has upgraded their safety measures and systems. And they can express how glad they are to be able to keep taking care of their teeth, because they know how important it is to have a healthy mouth, in order to have a healthy immune system. 

These testimonial videos can be used everywhere. You can post them on your Facebook and Instagram pages, they can be added to your Google My Business profile and, if you are a paying customer, in your Yelp profile. Post them on your YouTube Channel and LinkedIn. And they should especially be featured on your website. You can also email the video directly to your reluctant patients. (Always get a release from the patient to use the video, by the way.)

These recordings can be done simply with a smartphone. You can record it as a Facebook Live, either on their phone or your phone, and share it.

Just a quick tip: If you use Facebook Live, remember to save the video before publishing, because otherwise Facebook will erase it. 

You want these videos everywhere online. This will motivate your existing patients to return, but they will also be appealing to people who are looking for a dentist, either because theirs retired, or closed, or they don't feel safe going back to them. Nothing is more persuasive than a live, uncut testimonial from a patient, recommending your practice.

It's also easier than ever to ask patients to do a testimonial. Simply say, “I'm sure you realize that many people are anxious to come back to the dentist. You probably were, too. But now you feel differently, and it would help us so much if you could do a quick video explaining how comfortable you feel here. Say it however you want. It would help us so much, and it would help those patients who need the dental care, but are reluctant to return. Would you do this favor for us?”

You’ll find many patients will be more than willing to do it. And all you really need is one or two videos a week. But recognize that this is a different message than patients just saying that they like your practice. Now is the time when we must address the main concern, which is safety. There is so much negative press about it right now that is snowballing in the wrong direction. We need to stem that tide. And we're going to have to do it individually by having our patients tell the story for us.

People have always had both rational and irrational fears about going to the dentist, and now this is amplified. Video testimonials are a key marketing strategy in dealing with the impact of this pandemic. Use them abundantly, and abundance will follow!

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