Topeka, KS


April 5, 2024

CAMP: Culture




Topeka, KS
Topeka Library

1515 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS  66604

Creating the Culture you desire in your practice is key to long term success. This course focuses on the foundational leadership tools every practice needs including vision & team building, accountability and the cornerstones of TEAM. Build a legacy in your practice by being a Leader who creates more Leaders!

  • Strengthen your Leadership & People Development skills
  • Create & implement your Vision & Operating Agreements
  • Identify and build the Practice Culture you want



CAMP: Culture
CAMP: Culture
CAMP: Culture

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Dick Vessels

Dick Vessels is a leader in the field of building and sustaining practice wealth. As a practice performance business coach he has amassed decades of experience in bringing dentists and their teams to the highest levels of success. Dick began his career as a top-performing sales person within advertising and marketing. As a small business owner (100 employees) and self employed since college. Dick is aware of the problems and challenges that exist in building a successful business. This experience has taught him what needs to happen for a business to thrive and dominate its market place. Taking this, he moved forward in his career, and as a leadership coach with Fortune Management and Anthony Robbins & Associates, he shares his knowledge with dental teams on how to find their personal and professional business wealth. His message is simple, but powerful.

Janette Delinger

With over 24 years in clinical practice, Janette is currently an Executive Coach/Owner for Fortune Management, where she coaches teams on implementing tools and strategies customized to meet the individual needs of the practice. This includes customized programs for increased production, financial policies, team accountability, and building a strong hygiene department. It’s her passion to coach and empower the entire dental team to be the best they can be in caring for their patients, creating a dynamic atmosphere, and love working together!


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