Inflation: How To Play Offense In The Current Environment

Published on
Nov 8, 2023

What do you need to know about finances as we barrel through the second half of 2021? In this podcast, Ben Bush, a financial planner and key business strategist with Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group, joins Fortune Management’s Kim McGuire for a look at some of the current financial situations and what dentists and their businesses should know moving forward.

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Inflation: How To Play Offense In The Current Environment

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Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group

The following questions are discussed during the episode: What has changed in the financial environment since COVID-19? What do dentists need to know about the current state of the economy?We hear the term "inflation" a lot. What does it really mean? Can dentists focus on their practice and not worry about what is going on financially in our country and around the world? How does inflation truly impact the dental industry?


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